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‚ÄčCOPAKE BLUE is the local name given to the glass-like rocks (actually "slag") found in a narrow river in the town of Copake Falls and Taconic State Park in Mass.  

The rocks vary from chips to small boulders and were created by the molten remnants that were a byproduct of an iron ore foundry operated in the 1800's.  The slag was poured into the icy Bash Bish River and when it quickly cooled, glassy rocks with bubbles, folds, cracks and slick surfaces resulted.  They can be found in deep purples and olive greens, but primarily in blues ranging from robins egg to cobalt. Hence the name "Copake Blue".

While pieces can still be found near the restored Copake Iron Works oven, the river has long since been picked clean by the myriad visitors over the past century.  

Growing up on Long Island, New York in the 70's, we took one vacation each summer and stayed in the rustic cottages alongside that narrow river.  Collecting those  "gems" was better than any playground to this suburban only-child!

Ironically, as a teen I collected unusual antique chandelier crystals, and as an adult you can leave me at any glass blowing demonstration then pick me up when the day is done. I've always been enthralled glass.

And so, a tribute to my fondest childhood memories and my love for glass, I've named my studio...Copake Blue.

About The Name:

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